The church is dedicated to “Notre Dame”. Its XIIth century choir, has ribbed and its nave is probably from the XVIth century or early XVII. Around 1895, the religious painter Louis CHIFFLET decorated the choir with fresco. Scene of the Christ’s childhood can be seen in two paintings in arcature. Antoine GILLAIN, Marquis of Bénouville, had his gravestone stood out in 1768, in the nave. Armorial bearings of the GILLAIN’s family are inserted in an oval sand : made with a golden chevron, a silver crescent at right hand, a golden star at left hand and an armed lion and mouth tip, all  topped by the marquis’ crown.

Attention is caught by two wooden statues

-Saint Eutrope (XVI-XVII century) ; healer bishop of dropsy

–         Notre Dame du Port

A remarkable Eucharistic reserve in polychromatic stone can be noticed. It was made with two stack  cylindrical level crowns by a dove.